Posted 21st Aug 2018

The Hub Recycle DVDs CDs Books

Netflix and chill, Donate DVDs and smile.

Remember DVDs? They were shiny disks that held an entire film like Die Hard 2 that you watched over and over again. With the rise of Netflix and such, your collection will now be somewhat redundant and no doubt hidden in a box. We would love to take them off your hands and put them to good use.

As part of the enrichment and skills development programme at the Hub, our trainees sort, scan and pack unwanted but working DVDs along with CDs (ask your Dad) and even books to help generate an income for the Hub whilst supporting our trainees with a working environment.

Any income is then invested back into the Hub through our TRACE Social Enterprise, which aims to reduce landfill.  Learn more about TRACE.

If you have any unwanted DVDs, CDs or books then please drop them into us at the Hub where you will find our recycling boxes. Find out where to find us.